AWW INTERNI 7° edition
AWW INTERNI 7° edition,

We are pleased to announce that the architect Egidio Panzera's studio has been selected among the 100 most interesting architecture firms for large-scale projects currently being carried out nationally and internationally. 

The project involves the renovation of the production site and the design of the offices and showroom of a window and curtain wall manufacturing company.
The design concept is to unify the company’s three buildings with a new facade as an emblem of its know-how.
A skin of polished aluminium profiles covers the two adjacent buildings, unifying their heights; the reflected colors of the sky become the colors of the building.
The third building, which is separate from the other two, is covered with multiwall polycarbonate sheets and will be the company’s testing laboratory.
A heat-treated wood cladding and a projecting roof accompany the promenade connecting the factory, showroom, and lab.
The concept for the corporate showroom, located on the ground floor, is to place a patio with plants in the middle of the space.
Revolving around this is a wall installation of various types of windows, thus simulating an indoor-outdoor relationship.