Euroshop 2020
Euroshop 2020,

For Euroshop, International Retail Fair in Düsseldorf, the architect Egidio Panzera designed the exhibition pavillion of the company L&S, manufacturer of lamps and lighting systems for furniture and retail industries.

The architectural elements mark and outline the areas dedicated to different lighting solutions.  Light plays a predominant role by defining the atmosphere and the geometries of the shop, pharmacy,  perfumery and hospitality spaces, which are also characterized by different finishes, materials and colors.  A large arch acts as a threshold at the entrance to the stand and tries to become a mark for the shop category.  Its double height underlines and flanks the lounge area located on the upper floor and reachable  through an internal staircase, hidden by a series of wooden slats that cover the portion with the ascent, ensuring guest’s privacy. 

Several spaces stand out in succession at the arch-door, highlighted not only by the presence of light products,  but also by different colors that try to highlight the merchandise, always linked to the shop category.  In the various spaces of the stand, there are shelves with luminous backs, Solaris Lux,  designed by the architect Egidio Panzera.


Egidio Panzera Architect Project - immagine05.jpg
Egidio Panzera Architect Project - immagine06.jpg