Private house
Private house,
Singapore, SGP

The project involved the renovation of a penthouse on the 23rd and 24th floors of a skyscraper in Singapore. Both the interior and outdoor areas (terrace and outdoor pool) were refurbished to meet the client's requirements.

The project also examined interior design themes with the choice of new materials and finishes and with the selection of furnishing items.

Starting from the living area on the 24th floor, the project focused on the relationship between the outdoor and indoor vegetation by crafting green wall and garden design systems. The passageway between the living and dining areas was enhanced by wood panelling on one side, while the opposite side housed an equipped wall to serve as shelving for books and objects of art.

For the floor, we chose light and cool hues of resin finishes while, for the ceiling, we used a darker hue to create dynamic contrast.

The furniture choices were made to enable continuity with the finishes and fashion harmonious spaces.

The dining area is characterized by a kitchen made from statuary marble with grey veins and a lacquered champagne colour equipped wall. A round table in the corner favours enjoyable moments of conviviality surrounded by views of the metropolis.

The outdoor area, which includes the pool and a set of chairs, was designed as a place of relaxation with a spectacular view of the city skyline.

A mini-suite was built on the 23rd floor, made up of a living and sleeping area, bathroom, and an office or gallery area. The finishes selected for this floor clearly allude to the textures used on the floor above.

Specifically, in the mini-suite, the headboard of the bed is clad in Emperador marble with white and bronze veins. This component separates the sleeping and living areas in the room.

As for the floor above, the same resin finish was chosen for the flooring. 

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