Apple is a polyethylene pouffe or coffee table made using a rotational moulding technique. It is produced in various color variants. It’s designed to be used alone or in multiple compositions, both as a seating element and support surface. 
Free compositions of multiple components can thus create open figures, articulated linear designs of varying complexity, closed figures with concentric layouts or the individual items can be used like coloured confetti, freely dotting the space. Apple can be used to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces of various nature and purpose: bars, restaurants, fast food outlets, entertainment venues, workplaces, waiting rooms, and public and private play areas. When not in use, the pouffes can be gathered and stacked, creating polymorphic multicoloured walls, with textures that are always different and continuously evolving to characterise the space. 

Egidio Panzera Architect Project - 2.jpg
Egidio Panzera Architect Project - 4.jpg
Egidio Panzera Architect Project - 5.jpg
Egidio Panzera Architect Project - 6.jpg
Egidio Panzera Architect Project - 7.jpg