RIFLESSI Glide table
RIFLESSI Glide table,

“Yes. I loved everything. The girl came, I found her face, her unconsciousness, her worker's hands; I loved everything about her. I had to draw her because of the look in her eyes and because she was so close to me...........Now she has gone. Now I encounter her body. “        Egon Schiele  _  Notes 

The project “Glide” interprets the theme of the extendable table in a new way. Extendable tables resemble one another and themselves. Their shape doesn't change, but appears the same when closed and open. The two ends move apart and the tops are flipped.  “Glide”,  on the other hand, changes shape in a provocative transformation that involves both aesthetics and function. The two longitudinal halves of the table slide tangentially, skimming and caressing one another. This movement is voluptuous. It expresses two moods: concentration and tension when closed, fulfilment and rest when open. A licentious gesture is concealed in the forms; just like in the paintings of Egon Schiele, the legs of the table are the legs of a woman or a man, first contracted and then extended. Upon caressing the knee of the table, we perceive the tension in the forms, embedded into the wood by skilful hands. The leg twists before touching the ground, changing its section from triangular to pentagonal. The result is a slow and elegant dynamism that extends along the two symmetrical frames that make up the table. The tops, made from transparent glass, do not veil the wooden frame, but glorify it. It is thanks to this that they can move, slide and separate to accommodate the glazed bronze extension. The mechanism is concealed and nothing is visible. This is a unique aspect in the family of extendable tables with glass tops. The wood chosen is honey-stained ash, elegantly combined with bronze cylindrical spacers. 

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