OMNIDECOR Quadratti,

Designed by architect and designer Egidio Panzera, Quadratti is the new decorated glass of the DecorFlou® Design collection by OmniDecor. From the collaboration with the company comes a pattern composed of micro geometries with a texture that alternates squares and rectangles to give life to an elegant and contemporary motif.

Quadratti is designed to create the right privacy in work spaces and meeting rooms, where its geometric pattern communicates stability and efficiency. Versatile and available in different colors, it is also perfect for stores and showrooms, as a showcase or partition wall, but also finds space in other public places such as hotels, halls, waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, cafes. Its refinement, however, can give rise to interesting solutions even in domestic environments within bathrooms or spaces dedicated to well-being. 

The pattern is suggestive: illuminated by the sun or by a light source, Quadratti projects the shadow of its small geometries on the surfaces, with a fascinating optical effect that doubles its texture. 

Quadratti is part of the DecorFlou® Design collection by OmniDecor, which includes high-quality decorated flat glass for architecture and furniture, enriched with satin decorations on one or both sides of the slab. To the high light transmission of DecorFlou satin glass sheets by OmniDecor, DecorFlou®® Design adds the aesthetic result obtained with the contribution of international designers. 

DecorFlou® Design glass can be cut, ground, drilled like float glass, and subsequently tempered, with the exception of the mirror for tempering processing only. The range of colours is available in shades of extra-clear glass, bronze glass, grey glass (also called smoked glass), black glass for float glass, and in the colours extra-clear mirror, bronze mirror, grey mirror for the silver surface. 

Quadratti decorated glass  can be back-painted in any colour variant to create new aesthetic languages through chromatic variations, innovative applications and customized solutions.

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