Greatland showroom
Greatland showroom,
Shenyang, Cina

The Studio Panzera project for Greatland, a company that manufactures home furniture items and accessories, included the refurbishment of two of the three showroom floors located in Shenyang, and specifically of the exhibition areas, common areas, lobbies and offices, as well as the redesign of the showroom concept. It is no longer simply a display of furniture but instead, three themed environments (luxury, industrial, minimal) in every part complete, to guide visitors on an ideal journey into beauty and style, catering to their personal tastes but also consciously accompanying them towards beauty, through emotionally stimulating environments capable of provoking amazement and inspiration. The furniture was designed by Studio Panzera, which created an exclusive night and living collection for the client, while the accessories chosen for display are iconic timeless Italian design products, highlighted by visual and audio components for a complete and gratifying experience. A versatile and modular forum area at the centre of the showroom can be transformed according to the client’s needs: from a conference room or simple relaxation area, to an area of dialogue, exchange and comparison. Italian-made design also imbues these spaces with comfort and beauty. Finally, the restaurant area was also conceived as a complete “familiar” environment, with living and dining areas, and functional interior and outdoor spaces. It creates an ideal continuity with the actual exhibition space, in the interests of complete harmony and pleasantness during the visit. To complete the project, a distinctive corporate element was created— a multi-material panel of original visual impact, destined to become a symbol of the company itself in the visitor’s imagination and a primary aspect of customer loyalty.

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