SCRIGNO Controluce
SCRIGNO Controluce,

Controluce was born from a careful reflection on the relationship between architecture and light. Renzo Piano talks about natural light as one of the building materials, and if the wall, for Scrigno, became an opportunity to connect and create spaces, light should have been the

story of a natural visual and perceptive effect. Interpreting the archetype of the threshold with light for me meant reproposing the image of light passing through the wall by means of streams of light around a half-closed door.

The theme of backlighting has been explored by many architects in the past, to create emotional, poetic, ascetic spaces. I’m thinking of the Chapel of Ronchamp, the Unesco Meditation Space di Tadao Ando or, in Italy, the Romanesque Duomo Vecchio in Brescia.

For Scrigno’s doors, light was not meant to illuminate, but to be the emotional story of a door standing ajar, placed between wall and doorway.

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