RIFLESSI Addition,

At times, in order to innovate, we need to start from what is known, break it up, divide it and put it back together in a different way with new forms. This was the case with the new living room sideboard designed for Riflessi. Addition is the “misshapen” sum of 4 formal components: the wall of a room, a vertical plane, a chest and a horizontal plane. Each component is added to the previous one, keeping a “respectful” distance from it, which is immediately occupied by the light. The result is a neo-plastic-inspired composition, in which each component is free to move horizontally, to shift, to occupy ever-changing spaces and to take on different proportions. Addition is a compendium of materials from outside of the realm of furniture— materials that tell “stories”. These are crafted by skilled hands and combined with such care as to call to mind the meticulousness of haute couture for men. For the Salone Del Mobile, Addition will be dressed with brushed oak doors coated in moss-coloured clay, fired copper for the metal “seams”, melange mustard wood for the interiors, moss-coloured glass, and “forest” marble for the vertical plane. The “forest” marble is derived from the fossilization of forests in India and Brazil. Thorough brushing causes the tough roots to remain in relief, creating a corrugated surface that vibrates with life.

(Ph. Luca Rotondo)

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