FARAM Bahlara
FARAM Bahlara,

“Speed and unpredictability emerge as the fundamental traits of society today. Order is very rare indeed. Business processes, production rationality and creative design all have to come to terms with a new “disorder”. Dynamism, ephemerality and discontinuity result in a breaking down (or deconstruction) of rhythm, function and relevanance. Workplaces host unexpected activities, interactions are eclectic and multifaceted. Coworking, smart-working and working nomadism trigger immediate, fast and direct relationships, the workspace opens up to the city and even blends in with it. This new model leads us to reconsider an archaic location for relationships and places: the market, as a place of economic and cultural exchange, and of ideas. Bahlara was born from the standpoint that disorder, albeit unsettling, is flowing full of life, sexier and more attractive than any static state of affairs. Just like a marketplace, the new system has to display spontaneousaesthetics, discontinuity, with local and business culture. It was a case of designing this discontinuity, of handling the overall analysis of workplace interactions with the same intensity and passion, finally to come up with the objects that need to allow these very interactions.”         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Egidio Panzera Architect 


Bahlara is a office forniture collection that can expand, contract, re-configure itself, change the way it's dressed, articulate and adapt over time to new functional, aesthetic and organizational demands. Along with Bahlara, a new semantic term appears as now applied to the office world: discontinuity - as the cornerstone for planning that allows the configuration of a furnishing system to be developed in the best ways at all possible. This innovative and high-performance system ensures that the designer can take back full ownership of space planning, going beyond just setting out the furnishings, allowing each element to be customised and each function interpreted, using a vast range of elements and finishes that become an expression of corporate and local culture.


We're glad to announce that Bahlara, designed by Egidio Panzera for Faram, is among the winners of Good Design Award 2019.


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