FARAM Nicandro
FARAM Nicandro,

“… A barrier, a wall, could have infinite meanings, interpretation and semantics.
A wall prevents action, delimits movements, marks diversity.
At the same time, climbing a wall gives a different point of view or allows a child to measure his courage with a leap. A wall can host prayers, dreams, it can be a manifestation of being and a testimony of what happened. Above all, a wall can welcome, separate, and tell stories.
I like to think of walls as "storytellers"; they are private stories of communities and entire peoples.
The new Faram wall is the cantor of the architect's idea.
It has to generate spaces, grow physically and semantically, shape itself with materials, finishes, and functions. The new partition wall has to lose the appearance of an aseptic boundary and influence and be influenced. It has to interact with the architecture, the human, and its senses. Today, the partition walls on the market meet perfectly the idea of performance’s minimalism and technicality. They are rigid and immutable, but history is full of changing walls, which enriched themselves with the signs of time.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Egidio Panzera Architect

Egidio Panzera conceived, for Faram 1957, Nicandro, the new system of partition walls designed for the world of office, retail and hospitality. 
Nicandro partition system frees the aluminium frame from the need to enclose a number of glass panels and works by uniting a number of frames, each of which carries a single element. Innovation lies in the overlaid layers and the opportunity provided by a multi-track frame to include mobile elements such as bookcases, whiteboards, soundproof panels, blinds or other useful accessories. This creates a sort of multi-layer partition that the designer is free to quickly and easily configure and re-configure at will. Such intuition makes it possible to transform the system at any time to meet aesthetic or functional needs and adapt to the rapid changes in modern life.
Nicandro is a modular alphabet, a system in progress with which architects can narrate their own personal projects.



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