SACEA Bablò,

The Red Dot Design Award was created in 1955 and throughout the years has become one of the world’s most famous and distinguished design prizes.

In 2011, Bablò, an inflatable freestanding partition designed by Egidio Panzera for Sacea, received a prestigious honourable mention in the “red dot award: product design” category.

Bablò, a component of the Land3-Territori Emozionali collection designed by architect Egidio Panzera, is a revolutionary freestanding inflatable partition on wheels, and the synthesis of multiple dimensions: functional, sensory and playful. Synonymous with lightness and with an engaging design, the piece can be repositioned easily to help create ever-changing scenarios.

The portholes can be equipped with shelves to increase the functional aspect, making it a highly versatile product that caters to the imagination of the user. Its smooth and compact texture ensures a pleasant tactile sensation and plays evocatively with the idea of shiny transparent partitions. With flowing contours, based on the measured contrast between solids and voids, it marks the spaces, favouring the dynamics of interrelations, exchange, and informal work.

The inflatable part of the Bablò can be removed with ease and intuition, becoming a soft place for relaxation.

(Ph. Saverio Lombardi Vallauri)

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